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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday night thoughts

On my second glass of Grant Burge champagne.  Not as nice as Charles Heidsieck, but a third of the price.

Thinking about theodicy.   Thinking about a woman we know.  All she wanted all her life was to be loved by her father.  But he never loved her. She never came up to scratch.  His "love" for her was always conditional. So she found someone to love her (a bloke who smokes a lot of dope, is currently in jail for a parole violation) and is now pregnant by said boyfriend.  What can we do to help her?  All we can do is show her we love her and we care, no matter how much we mistrust her new boyfriend.  But she will never fill the black hole inside, and no matter how badly her father treats her, she always goes back to him.

God is good.

[Cartoon from this website]

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