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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ordinary Blokes

The whole gay scene -- real life, art, stories, photographs, porn, you name it -- is about perfect men, with shoulders from here to here, waists like a girl's, perfectly proportioned features, bubble butts, muscled torsos, and naturally, cocks as long as a ruler and as thick as a beer can.  Well, OK, I write fantasy too.  So let's face it:  99.9% of men do not come anywhere near this standard.  They're just ordinary blokes.

While trawling the internet for pics for Majorca Flats I came across these two lovely guys.  Ordinary, but still very yummy.  Now let me say at once, just in case they ever see this, that I do NOT imply, because they appear on this blog, that they are gay.   But a cat can look at a queen, no?

The first one is Mark Watson, a British comedian.  Such a lovely smile!  Kind, funny, laughing with you rather than at you, slightly mocking, with a hint of his own wry knowledge about the vicissitudes of life.  I found him here, and thoroughly enjoyed his comments about Australia vs Britain.

The other is another Brit, this time a TV journalist, called Dan Snow.
I love the contrast (on a man or a woman) of blue eyes and brown hair.  And his eyes are beaut, blue with a gorgeous shading towards indigo at the edge of his irises.  The gaze is intelligent and thoughtful, even challenging.  I feel he's looking into my heart and seeing truths there, some of them uncomfortable.

I found him here, where he talks about a disconcerting discovery concerning a famous (though perhaps not illustrious) ancestor.

Two ordinary-looking blokes.  But attractive, sexy, likable.

So I see it, anyway!

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