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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Getting there

A few weeks ago I talked about my pending (forced) retirement.  I thought the axe would fall at the end of June, but it's been postponed.  I think.

We've taken some steps along the road anyway, without waiting for my boss to give me the push.  We've bought a cheap (by Ozzie standards) house in the small town of Leongatha, which is a wonderful 20 minutes drive from the seaside at Inverloch (see pic) and 35 minutes from Venus Bay (see pic).  We've had our house valued by an estate agent.  We've fixed up various things in our current house which might put off potential buyers.  It's ironic that we're fixing up things which have annoyed us for years just in time to sell the house!  I've made lots of cuttings of my favourite plants so that I will have them again in my new garden.

I'm really excited to be doing this.  I plan to join the local brass band, to play the trumpet.  I'm going to join the amateur dramatics society which does Gilbert and Sullivan operettas as well as plays.  There's a lovely indoor swimming pool so I'll be swimming every day, which will help my back and help me lose weight.  I'm looking forward to flashing my superb body on the beach in my speedos! How we laughed.  I'll be gardening.  And I'll be writing.

We'll be putting our existing house on the market in September, which is the beginning of spring and with luck it'll be sold before Christmas.  When the sale of our current home is final, I'll tell my boss.  See what he says to that.

Things are on the move!

The jetty at Inverloch.

Fourth beach, Venus Bay

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