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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 134

Then there was the funeral. I didn't tell anyone where it was. But Amanda found out, and another friend Chris, who was gay, he came too. When I arrived most of the members of his team were outside the church, waiting for me. They said I wasn't welcome.” He wiped his eyes on his T-shirt sleeve. “Yeah, well.”
So I went home and thought, where shall I go? I had my passport with me. I went to a sports shop and bought a backback. I went to the bank and drew out enough money for an air ticket and expenses for the first couple of months. Amanda wanted to stay off work for me, but I insisted that I was fine and that she should go. I left a note for her, put her keys back through her letter flap in her door and went to Heathrow.”
I thought of America, but I didn't have a visa and these days after 9/11 they're so anal about that. So I thought I would try Australia and if they didn't take me, New Zealand. I bought a return ticket with a one-year validity so I could say I was just a student looking to backpack it round Australia. And if Australia refused me entry, I was ready to go on to New Zealand. I've always wanted to go there.”

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