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Monday, October 3, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 216

Luigi stared through the window at the two men on the barstools in the café. Cody was staring deep into the eyes of an older bloke. They seemed very intimate. He was filled with rage. He wanted to go in and wring Cody's neck. How dare he!
The older man was slim with salt-and-pepper hair, his face a little lined with rubbery folds, and undeniably handsome. He looked vaguely familiar. Luigi wondered where he'd seen him before. Cody looked as beautiful as ever. Luigi's anger was quickly replaced with sorrow. After all, it was he who'd dumped Cody, not the other way round. Even taking into account that Cody had deceived him ...
He stood back so that Cody wouldn't see him. Yet he was unable to simply walk away. His life with Cody was over. But his heart was breaking. If he could just look at him again.
Cody and the man stood up and left the café. Cody seemed to be tipsy, and his companion was helping him. They came to a Toyota people carrier. Supporting Cody with one hand, the man wrenched open the car door. Cody turned and looked directly at Luigi. Their eyes locked. Luigi's heart stopped. He felt sick. Then Cody smiled, a sweet smile, and unable to help himself, Luigi smiled back.
A moment later, the car drove off. Turning on his heel, Luigi plodded home, his mood black and despairing.

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