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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 222

Dearest Gups,
I would never reject you. Mum and dad behaved abominably towards Brent (and me) and most of my friends weren't much different. I came to your flat, didn't I? You were the only person I felt I could trust (except for gran) Mark just couldn't get over the whole gay thing. He felt so uncomfortable with Brent. He wasn't actively hostile but he wasn't accepting either. And after Brent killed himself, Mark just wasn't there for me. So only you and gran are left.
The worst is that Brent would still be alive today if I'd helped him. I had the money. I was just too tight-arsed. Too stupid.
He was the great love of my life you know. There'll never be anyone like him again. Never. He was my soulmate. It didn't matter that he was from a different class, that he had the “wrong” accent, that he hadn't been to the right schools. But I let my own stupidity rule me at a critical time. It's only right that I pay for it.
I've met some really great ppl here, Gups. Two “blokes” as they all say here. One's called Luigi. The other's called Keith. And a girl called Esmé. I never thought I would make such close friends so quickly. But Ozzies are very friendly. There! You know I'm in Australia. And obviously, that's why (or one of the reasons why) gran is coming to visit. But whatever you do, don't tell mum and dad. Or Mark. I just don't want to see them now. Maybe one day. But not for a long time.

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